Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gaming Laptop Performance Considerations

What makes a laptop appropriate for gaming? Its quite simple actually. Laptops that have hardware associated towards performance basically ensure that games produce the best results, is a general way to put it. But what components do laptops rely on that produce such results? Similar to a gaming desktop, laptops use hardware based off of performance but, must sacrifice space to provided portability and who ever thought gaming hardware could be fit into such a small space? Well I don't know, but I can tell you that there are select hardware components that justify exactly what gaming enthusiasts are after. Portability with a touh of performance. With that being said, i'll explain to you what performance factors you should consider when purchasing or researching a gaming laptop.
Below are various categories that emphasis on hardware meant for gaming laptops.
The Video Card
Looking at how gaming laptops rely on processing loads of data to produce the best possible graphics, we can begin our selection of mobile gaming components with the video card. You will need a video card that will produce the best frame rates for games such as Call of duty 5: World at War or Far Cry 2. This can be done by choosing a card that has a fast GPU, an adequate amount of dedicated memory, can utilize SLI or CrossFire technology, and operates at a cool temperature, to extend battery life. Nvidia offers its 200 series and ATI supplies its 4000 mobile series. Choose a card that best suites your preferences based off of the games you intend on playing.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Look at Stress Relief Games

In the game of life, we realize that stress is an enemy that needs to be eliminated and we come up with so many remedies which help relieve stress. One of these remedies are stress relief games which are specially designed to provide that pleasurable escape which help deal with stress. There has been no sufficient research done to show how games help relieve stress but, many people have seen the games work to reduce stress. Stress relief games are divided in two categories where you will find indoor games and outdoor games. Outdoor games include tennis, football and many other physically demanding games. Indoor games will require lot of mental concentration and they include chess, checkers, rubic cube, computer games, cards, crossword puzzle, mobile phone games and the list goes on.

Modern technology has enabled people to gain access to a world of online games which can be downloaded for free on the internet. They also have the option to choose after watching the demonstration version of the various stress relief games. There are therefore very famous sites where you can get your games like game spotter. There is a category of famous stress relief games you can play and they include sudoku, diner dash, arcade games, super word power, minesweeper, boggle, solitaire, freecell, hearts and many others.
Stress relief games help a person remove their concentration from the source of the stress and act as a relaxation tool from the stress.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Getting Serious About Serious Games

Serious games, estimated to be a US$1.5 - $9 billion global market in 2008, are being described by some analysts as the next wave of technology-mediated learning. A serious game, SG, may be a simulation which has the look and feel of a game, but corresponds to non-game events or processes, including business opportunities or operations.
SG's are intended to provide an engaging, self-reinforcing online experience designed to motivate and educate the player. Other purposes for such games include marketing and advertisement.
The largest users of SGs are the educational institutions, government and medical professionals. Other commercial sectors, especially those challenged to communicate a strong business case for action, are actively pursuing development of these types of tools as well.
What makes a game "serious" as opposed to one played for fun is serious games are focused on specific and intentional learning outcomes to achieve a measurable change in performance and behavior. It is not centered on entertainment or better performance in the game, but rather serious games influence and inform behaviors outside of the game experience.