Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Become a Video Game Tester - How Game Testers Get Paid Big Money For Testing Games - You Can Too

Don't you just want to get away from your stupid fast food working job and sit home on a nice chair and play video games all day?
I know this is just sounds like a dream but what if it came true?
However, there are many people who live this dream each and every day.
These people get paid for playing video games.
I love video games, and I love money, and the two mix VERY well for this profession.
These people are called video game testers, and they work by testing out the latest video games to make sure they are in perfect working order before they are released to the hungry markets.
These people are the last step before the games are put in front of critique, so they have to do their job right.
It's not as easy as it seems, although it can be very fun.
At times, game testers have to sit for a few hours testing one aspect of the game over and over... but once it's right, they can enjoy themselves playing the greatest new video games before anyone else has the chance to even know about them!

In order to really become a game tester though, you should fulfill a few requirements.
1) You need to love video gaming.
2) You should know the latest systems and the hottest games and keep up with it.
3) You should like playing competitively. Many times games have to be tested with multi-player, and you should be familiar with how other games to work and be good at it to effectively judge the new game.
4) You will need to be able to fill out small forms questioning the gameplay experience. For example: how was the menu screen? What was your favorite part of the campaign? etc.
While being a game tester at times can be hard work, it is often a blast and sure beats any other old job that most people are doing. Make sure you know your stuff, then see if you're ready to get a job as a video game tester!

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