Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How Gaming Has Changed

From the days of the Atari system, to now, the days of the real life first person player. So interactive you literally flinch during the action as if you are really there. The realism alone is breathtaking. But there's also the cost of the games nowadays that could also give an adult sticker shock. The whole industry has grown so fast that unless you constantly immerse yourself in the latest technology of this gaming world you could find yourself light years behind. Almost everything our teenagers do today is somehow influenced by some part of the gaming world. Some of which has lead to dangerous intersections.

Which is not surprising considering the content of some of these games. To be able to wade through the streets of a populated, modernized city while taking out bad guys with all sorts of weapons. And to be in the position of first person shooter almost gives a sense of power. Even in a make believe digital world. After experiencing some of this feeling I can easily see where a young person would get a sort of buzz from the action.

When I was younger, a lot younger, the Atari was the hottest ticket out there. To play space invaders at home, not at an arcade. Speaking of which. I would venture to say that market is taking hits everyday. And soon the Nintendo. Skipping an jumping around collecting coins and special powers with Mario racing to the finish line while being timed. All of which were amazing technology for there time.The games then don't hold a candle to the worst game out there today. The experience, the effects or the realism. At times seeming so real it doesn't feel like a game at all.

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