Saturday, March 2, 2013

How Gaming Laptops Are Different Than Regular Ones

Gaming laptops are simply just laptops that are designed for enhanced gaming usage. When gamers are searching for a new machine to play on, these systems are what they want. However, the market lacks a variety of already built gaming systems, leaving gamers to have to order customized systems that come with their specified configurations. Standard notebooks often come with fast processing speed, good graphics cards, extended battery life and effective cooling units, but these are still looked over in favor of a system that is built to the gamers specifications instead.

How well a game performs for a gamer on a laptop can be measured by how good the graphics card it has is. ATI and NVIDIA are two names you well encounter frequently in gaming systems. A fast processor speed is also a vital configuration. Gaming computers often use the Pentium 4 Athlon to achieve high performance.

At least 80 GB or higher is needed in the system for the best performance and the hard disk speed should be in the 5400 rpm range, if not more. For 3D games you will need at least 7200 rpm, however, and these days 3D is the most popular.

Not only are the internal configurations of these systems important, but the screen size and display resolution are also very important. A good screen size to use is 15. 4 inches or bigger. In the gaming world, the larger the screen the better. This gives you the increased ability to effectively navigate the game without missing anything important. It also doesn't place as much strain on the eyes as smaller screens usually do.

The display quality is vital for giving the gamer the best experience during game play. XGA and SXGA are best for giving you a high quality image. Newer model are now using liquid crystal displays (LCD) as well. Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba are leading the way with high quality monitor production. These are getting the attention of all gamers looking for a better gaming experience.

Gaming laptops can now be chosen from an extremely large selection of great designs. Alienware, Dell XPS and Hypersonic are just a few of the names you will encounter in this area. Prices for these cool designs start at about $2400 and up. Price will depend upon the configurations that the system has.

Choosing a gaming laptop can be tricky. New generation systems are coming complete with dual core, larger storing capacity, more RAM, longer battery life, Bluetooth and even PCI Express.

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