Sunday, October 27, 2013

How Do I Connect Headphones To My TV?

What really stinks is when you are so involved in your game and you hear those magic words coming from the next room. You want any type of noise cancelling headphones to just end this madness. "Turn that off cause I'm trying to sleep!" One can really add any angered quote here because they all lead to the same end. "How do I shut them up by shutting this thing up?"
You've done everything right, you've taken out the trash, put the kids to bed, watched a chick flick or anything else that fits and yet you still can't win. Wait, you got the kids up and fed, packed their lunch, sent them off to school, got them off the bus, made dinner, gave them their bath and put them to bed. Wow, you work harder than I thought! You might need noise cancelling headphones too. Anyways, both of your days were tough!
Television sets, both modern and ones from our parents days didn't come equipped with a headphone jack. Those older sets were designed with a set of built-in stereo speakers (and sometimes a single mono speaker),yes, they did!..But while newer digital sets are typically set up for home theater, which involves connecting the TV to a receiver and Surround Sound speakers, they are pre-determined. But sometimes, a viewer just wants to listen privately while watching a program. The solution is to adapt the TV's audio outputs into a mini-jack for connecting a set of headphones.
Things you'll need to do this:
... TV
... Y-adapter with stereo plugs on one end and a mini-jack on the other, available at electronics stores.
... Headphones
Here is what to do:

... Find the Audio Out jacks on the back-white and red
... Insert the "Y" plugs into place... Insert the mini-plug on the end of the headphones cord into the small jack on the end of the Y adapter
... Insert the mini-plug on the end of the headphones cord into the small jack on the end of the Y adapter
... Press the "Menu" button on the TV remote control and toggle the up and down arrows until "Speakers" appears on the display.
... Use the left and right arrows to turn the TV's built-in speakers on and off for private
Of course each TV set is different; you will find that this will work most of the time. What kind of headphones will you be using with this TV to drown out all of your distractions. Don't stop with what we just talked about! There are way too many headphones to even think about which ones are the best. After all, you aren't here because you have too much time on your hands. There are those that want to make your life easier and will do the hard work for you! Yes, that's us! Surprise! Do not walk into an electronics store or anywhere else to buy your headphones and allow them to solve your problem. We've put the ball in motion and started checking these headphones out for you.
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