Saturday, October 12, 2013

Will Fire Fists Reach Tier 1 Status?

On Jan 25th we will have 3 new fire attribute decks to test against the meta. They are the Fire King monsters, Fire Fist archetype, and Haze Beast archetype. In this article I will be covering the Fire Fist or known in the OCG as Fire Star monsters. The deck itself is a whole new concept to the game. All the monsters in the fire star deck have effects where they can set spell and trap cards directly from the deck to the field. Something that has never been done yet in Yu-Gi-Oh. Now how is this deck gonna weigh against Wind-ups, Hieratics, Inzektors, Chaos Dragons and Dino Rabbit.
First Match-up is Dino Rabbit vs Fire Fist. This game was pretty frustrating. I went first in this round and I felt like the entire game was a constant struggle. Negating left and right, so annoying, Laggia beat the hell out of me so much while testing. Fire Fists are powerless against Dino Rabbit unless your opponent has a killer hand or you have a mean side deck. Dino Rabbit has the clear advantage.
Second match-up was Fire Fist vs Hieratics. I didn't spend too much time on this one because I felt that fire fists had a clear advantage. As long as you stop them from going off during the first turn you are guaranteed the win. These monsters rule the Damage Step, Hieratics set up for a big OTK and if they cant get over 1 of your monsters you pretty much have the game sown.
Now this match-up was hard to place a clear winner which was surprising because I thought Wind-ups would be clearly on top. Wind-ups won most of the games I played but at the same time I could help but shake the fact that Fire Fists were better. As soon as I sided mind crushes I dominated Wind-ups. 

As soon as they activate Wind-up shark's eff I crushed it and stopped them from going off. So I feel to come to a clear conclusion would take more time and testing. For now though I place Wind-ups on top.
Next up is Inzektors. Now this deck murders Fire Fists, so badly. It wasn't even funny. Fire Stars main tactic is setting cards from the deck, which gives Inzektors so many targets to pop with hornet. The best strategy to get a win against Inzektors would be deal as much damage as possible before you see the hornet and dragonfly because once they get started they will destroy targets all day. Once you've done as much damage that you can go Shock master and hope for the best lol. From there, there's plenty of side deck options that you can go into to beat the deck. More than likely though, you will lose that first round against a good Inzektor player.
Last match up of my deck testing was Chaos Dragons. This is almost an even match up but I gave it to the Fire Fists in the end. They have the power of Chaos Dragons easily. The main focus of chaos dragons is milling from deck to get lights and dark targets and over powering all of your opponents monsters. With Fire Fist monsters owning in the damage step it pretty much gets over everything that Chaos Dragons can put out. It's really impressive seeing a monster with a base attack of 1800 kill a big beater like Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

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